UNITED KINGDOM – Changes to Right-to-Work Checks in 2019

Effective 28 January 2019, employers in the United Kingdom will be able to rely on an online right-to-work check to prove the status of prospective employees.

The online Right to Work Checking Service was introduced in April 2018, but currently employers in the UK still need to request paper documents alongside using the service.

The changes will also make it simpler for UK nationals without British passports to demonstrate their citizenship by enabling them to use short birth or adoption certificates, which they can get for free, instead of the long versions.

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UNITED KINGDOM – Changes to Right-to-Work Checks in 2019

This alert was prepared with information provided by Newland Chase.

UNITED KINGDOM – Immigration Health Surcharge, New Fees and Rollout of Biometric Residence Permits

The immigration health surcharge, one of the key reforms of the Immigration Act 2014, will be introduced from 6 April 2015.

The government has also confirmed the new immigration and nationality application fees which will come into effect on 6 April, and has begun the rollout of Biometric Residence Permits to non-European Economic Area (EEA) nationals.

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UNITED KINGDOM – Biometric Residence Permits for First Time Applicants

New regulations will require non-EEA nationals seeking permission to come to the UK from overseas for more than six months to have a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP).

Currently non-EEA nationals are only required to apply for a BRP when granted permission to extend their stay in the UK for more than six months. From March, the government is extending this requirement to applicants from outside the UK as part of the visa application process.

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