Immigo New Feature – Advanced Notification Configuration

We’re pleased to let everyone know about some enhanced features for Notifications in Immigo.

Firstly, we’ve added a new event for “Case Opened” (which means you can set Notifications to be triggered and sent out to colleagues or clients when a new Case is opened in Immigo; for example, if you’re a manager assigning Cases to your team, you can set it so that Immigo will automatically notify them of the new Case – you won’t have to send them a separate email).

Secondly, we’ve introduced variable expansion for Notifications so that you can also include automatic text in the Notification (for example; applicant name, case number, billing company, host country, etc.).

Using variable expansion in combination with Notification Factories (i.e. creating automatic Notifications about many things connected to Cases or Applicants but including very Case or Applicant specific text) will result in greatly enhanced efficiency and clarity of communication.

For example, you can set Immigo so that it will automatically send Notifications to a specific person within your organisation when a document needs to be renewed for a particular client or clients. Now, you can make those Notifications contain very specific and relevant details: applicant name, contact details, sponsoring company and much more.

There are instructions on how to do this in the Notifications “help” window within Immigo and also in the User Manual, which has been updated again and is available to download from the Immigo home page.

As always, we are glad to offer all our clients unlimited free training on this new update!



Immigo New Feature – Notifications

We are so excited to announce that we have released our latest major update to Immigo: Notifications.

The Notifications module in Immigo allows you to create and send Notifications (Messages, Tasks and Reminders) to yourself, your colleagues or to other Immigo Users (i.e. Applicants, HR contacts and/or Suppliers).

You can use this function to send secure Messages, create interactive and intelligent Task Lists, set Reminders for recurrent events, and more.

You can send individual Notifications to people on a case by case basis, as and when needed; and you can also use “Notification Factories” to set up automatic Notifications about many things (for example, if you want to set a Notification for a particular consultant on ALL document expiry dates for a particular client or clients).

There’s so much you can do with this awesome new feature!  We’re very excited about our clients getting to know it, and we’re really looking forward to hearing everyone’s feedback.