COLOMBIA – New Labour Ministry Registration Required for all Foreign Workers [UPDATED]

On 9 October 2018, the Ministry of Labour issued Resolution 4388, creating and implementing the Single Registry of Foreign Workers in Colombia (“RUTEC”). The Ministry aims to use the registry to collect and control information about foreign workers, allowing it to monitor their current status and avoid abusive and illegal contracting practices.

[UPDATE] The Ministry has confirmed that the 120 days, within which companies must register their foreign national employees hired by 9 October 2018, should be counted from the date Resolution 4388 was published in the official journal (8 November 2018).

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FRANCE – Changes to Rules for Posted Workers

On 5 September 2018, Law No. 2018-771 on “freedom to choose one’s professional future” was signed by the French president, codifying several important changes to the rules for workers posted to France.

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FRANCE – Changes to Rules for Posted Workers

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COLOMBIA – New Immigration Compliance Rules and Penalties

Effective 16 May 2018, Resolution 1238 establishes stricter criteria for compliance with immigration obligations, and bigger penalties for non-compliance.

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