REMINDER: Immigo Training Webinar – New Invoicing Features

Just a reminder to join us for a webinar on Thursday 10 March 2016 at 1:30pm GMT (UK time) on the major new invoice tools we have just added to Immigo, our global immigration case management software.

The webinar is free to attend for Peregrine’s clients and partners. If you’d like to join, please email to reserve your space.

Immigo – Major Invoicing Upgrade

The upgrade consists of five major new features:

  1. Request and track advance payments or deposits for work you do
  2. Generate and store credit notes
  3. Store invoices within Immigo
  4. Customise your invoice template
  5. Data feed into your accounting software

More details below!

Request and Track Advance Payments/Deposits

You can now indicate on the Company level which of your clients you expect to make an advance payment/deposit, and what percentage of your fees that deposit should be. Then, using the Preview Invoice function in a Case, generate a preview or pro-forma invoice which will request the percentage deposit indicated.

Once a deposit has been received, you can enter this into Immigo, which will record it. When you then generate your invoice, the deposit received in advance will be deducted from the balance due on the invoice. Simple!

Generate and Store Credit Notes

As well as preview invoices and invoices, you can now also generate credit notes. You can credit back any fee or any portion of any fee that you have invoiced. Check out the User Manual for more detailed instructions; but we think you’ll find the interface intuitive and easy to use.

Store Invoices within Immigo

From now on, all preview invoices, invoices and credit notes (see above) you generate are stored in Immigo, as Excel files and as PDFs. You can access these either from the Case on which they were generated or from the new Invoices tab on the billing Company profile.

Customise your Invoice Template

We will be glad to customise either the Excel or PDF templates on preview invoices, invoices and credit notes for you.

We can add your logo, address and banking details, of course, but we can also make the PDFs look just how you want them to.

If you want a specific data field to appear as a billing reference, that’s no problem! Or, say, you’d like your legal fees to appear in their own section above any government fees or miscellaneous costs – we can do that too. We can also make sure that the invoice numbers meet your needs – invoice numbers will always increase in increments of 1, to meet auditing requirements, but you can set the starting point and any prefix or suffix to be whatever you like.

Contact us to discuss the options available.

Data Feed into your Accounting Software

Immigo now provides a comprehensive invoicing and tracking solution but it will never be accounting software – you won’t be able to use it to generate your annual tax returns or P&L report, for example.

However, we do have an API (data feed) and will gladly talk with you about the possibilities of integration with your financial software.

More Updates

There are several more new features with invoicing – including:

  • Optionally remove fees from your invoices (but keep them in Immigo) so you can keep track of costs without necessarily passing them on to your client
  • Enhanced invoice summary in the fees tab of every Case, showing totals invoiced and credited
  • Link fees to more than one process in the fees library for greater flexibility
  • New fee type!  Surcharge fees self-calculate as a percentage of all other fees and can be used for disbursements such as credit card handling fees.

Training Webinar – & Call us if Questions!

We’re hosting a training webinar for this new feature on Thursday 10 March at 13.30GMT. If you’d like to join, please email to reserve your space.

And, as always, we will be very happy to help with any questions at any time. Please let us know what you think!

Immigo Feature Update – More Invoicing Enhancements

Hello again everyone!

We’ve added a couple more improvements to invoicing, which we think you’ll all find useful, as follows:

Power Selector for Fee Status
As our users know, you can give each fee line item in Immigo its own status (for example: new, quotation sent, quotation approved, ready to invoice, invoiced).  You can indicate fee by fee what the status is but we’ve now made it easier to change the status of all fees at once (for example, to mark everything on a case “ready to invoice” in one go). When you click edit on the fees tab of the case, you’ll see a new power selector drop down menu called “set status of all fees below”.  Use this to change the status of all your fees at once.  Job done!  Don’t forget that you can also set up automatic notifications to your accounting department (or whoever raises your invoices) for when a fee or fees are marked as “ready to invoice”.

Quantity Multiplier
You can also now multiply your fee items if you’ve got more than one of the same fee – for example, if you need to bill your client for 3x DHL charges; or if you have the same management fee for several family members.  Simply use the new quantity field on the fee item to indicate how many times this fee should be charged, and Immigo will do the rest.

For more fee and invoicing tips and tricks, see previous blog posts here or use the search bar on this blog to search for “Immigo Fees”.  And call us, whenever you like!  We’re always pleased to hear from you.


Immigo Feature Update – Fees and Invoicing Enhancements

We’re very pleased to announce some improvements and upgrades to the fees and invoicing features in Immigo, which are effective immediately.  Have a look at what we’ve done and, as always, please get in touch if you have any comments or questions!

Invoice Templates
We can now give you your own invoice templates in Immigo, meaning that you can generate Excel format invoices with your logo, your address and banking details, and your invoice design.  Please get in touch with us directly if you’d like to take advantage of this new feature!

Government Fees
We’ve created a new fee type – Government Fees – meaning that in Immigo, you can now distinguish between and report on four main fee types (Management, Supplier, Miscellaneous and Government).  Of course, you can add a lot more detail to each fee you list in your Fee Library, linking fees to specific countries, billing companies, process types, case types and applicant types if you wish (so, for example, you could have a company and process specific management fee of $1000USD linked specifically to the L-1 visa process for billing company ABC).

Payment Terms and Due Dates
We’ve further enhanced the invoicing feature so that you can now specify things like payment terms and payment references at Company level and then further edit/modify these at each Case level.

Preview Invoice Feature
We’ve created a new “preview invoice” feature so that you can generate an excel template preview  (pro-forma) invoice listing all fees in a case not yet marked as “invoiced” and check they all look just the way you want them to look on your actual invoice.

Greater Tracking and Security on Invoices
We’ve also introduced numeric invoice referencing (each invoice will be assigned its own invoice number which will increase in increments of 1 for each invoice you generate).  Plus, we’ve made a change so that once a fee on a case has been invoiced, it can no longer be edited.

Call us if Questions!
As always, we will be very happy to help with any questions.  Please let us know what you think!