ISRAEL – New Regulations for Foreign Employees of “Hi-Tech Companies” and Their Spouses

Effective immediately, the Israeli Ministry of Interior has published new regulations relating to the employment of foreign experts in high-tech companies.

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ISRAEL – 2018 Minimum Wage Increase for Foreign Experts

Effective immediately, the new minimum monthly prevailing wage for foreign national experts holding B-1 work permits is now 19,604 NIS (up from 19,086 NIS in 2017).

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ISRAEL – 2018 Minimum Wage Increase for Foreign Experts

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Kan-Tor & Acco.

ISRAEL – Relaxed Criteria for Work Permits for Foreign Experts; and Increased Immigration Audits at Client Sites

The Ministry of Interior has recently relaxed the qualifying criteria for work permits for foreign experts engaged in professions requiring a higher academic education.

Also, the immigration authorities have recently increased audits at client sites.

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