ISRAEL and UNITED STATES – Reciprocal Investor Visa Agreement Approved by Knesset

On 18 June 2018 the Israeli legislature, the Knesset, approved new regulations implementing a reciprocal agreement with the United States whereby, for the first time, US nationals investing in Israel will be able to obtain a B-5 employment visa and Israeli nationals investing in the United States will be eligible for an E-2 Treaty Investor visa authorising employment.

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THAILAND – Recent Amendments to Foreign Employee Rules

Effective 28 March 2018, the Emergency Decree on Managing the Work of Foreign nationals (No. 2) B.E. 2561 (2018) introduced some important changes to the immigration and employment rules for foreign nationals.

The decree also reduces the severe and complex penalties on non-compliant employers and foreign national employees imposed by Emergency Decree B.E. 2560 (2017).

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RUSSIA – New Law on Counter-Sanctions Does Not Directly Restrict Immigration

Effective 4 June 2018, Federal Law No. 127-FZ “On Measures of Affect (Counteraction) in Connection with Unfriendly Actions of the United States of America and other Foreign States” authorises the government of Russia to impose responsive restriction measures on the US and other foreign states at the President’s decision.

The final version of the law does not specifically stipulate the possibility of imposing a ban on the employment of foreign nationals. This may indicate that such a ban is not being considered among the most likely responsive measures.

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SWITZERLAND – Government Extends “Safeguard Clause” Limiting Residence Permits for Bulgarian and Romanian Nationals

The Swiss Federal Council has decided to extend, for the year from 1 June 2018, the quota on Romanian and Bulgarian nationals (EU-2) of 996 long-term B permits, released quarterly.

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NIGERIA – Ministry of Interior Online Services May Cause Delays

On 7 May 2018, the Federal Ministry of Interior (FMI) is expected to launch its new online service, covering all aspects of the operations and workflow of its Citizenship and Business (C&B) department.

The new online application process is expected to slow down the issuance of the grant and renewal of expatriate quota applications. Companies will be required to generate application file numbers and verification codes for the online application process.

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RUSSIA – New Notification Forms

Effective 20 April 2018, new forms will be introduced for notifying the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the labour activity of foreign nationals.

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GHANA – New Employment Guidelines Released by Petroleum Commission

Effective 2 June 2018. the Petroleum Commission (PC) has released new guidelines covering the employment of foreign nationals.

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