ITALY – Residence Permit Fees Reintroduced

Effective 9 June 2017, the Italian government has reintroduced filing fees for applications for a “permesso di sogiorno” residence permit.

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ITALY – Residence Permit Fees Reintroduced

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ITALY – All Travellers Subject to Border Control 10-30 May 2017 Due to G7 Summit

Italy has temporarily suspended the Schengen agreement and imposed border controls on all travellers between 10 and 30 May 2017, to enhance security during the upcoming G7 summit in Taormina on 26-27 May.

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ITALY – All Travellers Subject to Border Control 10-30 May 2017 Due to G7 Summit

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Mazzeschi.

European Court Rules UK Cannot Block Non-EU Family Members

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that the UK cannot demand that family members of EU citizens resident in the EU must have a special visa to come to the UK.

Judges in Luxembourg ruled on the case of Spain-based Sean McCarthy, a dual British and Irish national, and his Colombian wife.

Patricia McCarthy Rodriguez argued she should be allowed to travel to the UK with her British family without having to obtain a UK visa because she holds an EU residence card issued by the Spanish government.

Under UK immigration rules, Mrs McCarthy Rodriguez has been required to obtain a family permit visa, valid for six months, if she has wanted to travel to the UK.

However, the ECJ decided Mrs McCarthy Rodriguez’s Spanish residence card entitled her to travel to the UK without first obtaining a UK visa in Spain.

The UK government argues that because it views the system of residence permits in some EU countries as open to abuse, it is entitled to impose a blanket entry requirement.

But, the ECJ, which delivers guidance for UK courts on how they must interpret EU law, ruled that concerns over abuse of rights and fraud did not justify the general catch-all measures.

The McCarthy ruling only covers cases where the partner from the EU – in this case Mr McCarthy – has exercised their right to free movement within the EU. If a person still lives in their home country, their spouse is not entitled to free movement.

The case will now return to the High Court.

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EU Ruling on Validity of Visas in Expired Passports

We recently noticed the following interesting court judgement, which clarifies a common situation for those travelling into the EU:

On 4 September 2014, in Case C-575/12, the European Union Court of Justice ruled that, in light of the provisions of the Schengen Borders Code, national legislation cannot require third-country nationals to present a valid visa at the border check necessarily affixed to a valid travel document.

A valid visa may also be affixed to an expired or cancelled document, because the cancellation of the concerned travel document by an authority of a third country does not imply that the visa affixed to that document is automatically invalidated.