SLOVAKIA – Changes to Rules for Employment and Assignment of Non-EU Nationals

Amendments to Slovakia’s Act on Act on Employment Services will take effect on 1 May 2018, bringing several changes to the rules for the employment and assignment of non-EU nationals.

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SLOVAKIA – Changes to Rules for Employment and Assignment of Non-EU Nationals

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NETHERLANDS – New Minimum Salary Levels for 2018

Effective 1 January 2018, the Dutch immigration authorities (IND) have announced new minimum salary levels for knowledge migrant workers (aka Highly Skilled Migrants) and Blue Card applicants coming to the Netherlands.

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NETHERLANDS – New Minimum Salary Levels for 2018

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PEREGRINE WEBINAR – EU Immigration Hot Topics

Join us for a webinar on Tuesday 11 July 2017 at 1pm BST (UK time) on hot topics in European Union immigration law.

The webinar is free to attend for clients and partners of Peregrine, Newland Chase and CIBT. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, so please contact us at to book your spot now.

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PEREGRINE WEBINAR – EU Immigration Hot Topics

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New Data in Immiguru: SLOVENIA – Blue Card (Application in Country)

We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve added the Blue Card (Application in country) process for Slovenia to Immiguru.

The Blue Card is an EU-wide (with some exceptions) immigration process for highly skilled employees with a concrete job offer in the destination country. In Slovenia, the Blue Card can be applied for at a Slovenian consulate abroad or within Slovenia. This is the immigration process applicable when the Blue Card is applied for after the applicant’s entry to Slovenia.

Many thanks to our partners in Slovenia, ODI Law Firm and Relocations Ltd, for their help with this!

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NETHERLANDS – Self-Employed Activities Permitted for Highly Skilled Migrants, Students and Scientific Researchers

Effective 1 April 2017, highly skilled migrants, EU Blue Card holders, foreign students studying in the Netherlands and scientific researchers who are in possession of a valid residence permit can perform self-employed activities alongside the main working activities for which their residence permit in the Netherlands has been initially granted.

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LUXEMBOURG – New Immigration Law Bring Extensive Changes

Luxembourg’s new immigration law entered into force on 24 March 2017, introducing several new residence permit categories, including the new EU ICT permit, along with other changes of significance for non-EU nationals.

The Official Gazette of 20 March 2017 published the Law of 8 March 2017 amending and supplementing the Immigration Law of 29 August 2008.

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ROMANIA – New Minimum Salary for Work Permits

Effective 20 February 2017, the Romanian government has implemented new minimum salary requirements for foreign nationals.

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ROMANIA – New Minimum Salary for Work Permits

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