NIGERIA – Executive Order Brings Stricter Labour Market Rules

On 2 February 2018, the President of Nigeria signed an executive order (EO5) aimed at promoting local Nigerian expertise in science, engineering and technology.

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NIGERIA – Executive Order Brings Stricter Labour Market Rules

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TANZANIA – Audit Deadline to Verify Residence Status Approaching

Foreign nationals and their employers in Tanzania are reminded that they have until 4 November 2017 to verify the foreign national’s residence status. The requirement applies to all foreign nationals in the country – including foreign workers, business owners, students, and family members. Ongoing since 5 October 2017, the Ministry of Home Affairs’ Immigration Service Department (ISD) is conducting an audit of the residence status of all foreign nationals in the country.

Foreign employees and their employers have a joint responsibility to ensure that the employee completes this process. Failure to do so before the deadline may result in fines and imprisonment.

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TANZANIA – November 4 Audit Deadline to Verify Residence Status Approaching

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ISRAEL – Relaxed Criteria for Work Permits for Foreign Experts; and Increased Immigration Audits at Client Sites

The Ministry of Interior has recently relaxed the qualifying criteria for work permits for foreign experts engaged in professions requiring a higher academic education.

Also, the immigration authorities have recently increased audits at client sites.

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