Immigo – New Features

We have some very exciting Immigo enhancements being launched this weekend:


In the Assignment Details tab of a case, the Occupation Code field now offers auto-complete and is a reportable field (in case reports).  We have pre-populated the Immigo database with occupational codes for Australia (ANZSCO) and the UK (SOC), so if you start to enter a code or an occupational description for case to one of those countries, you’ll see that the field auto-completes (see screenshot below).

If you have other countries you would like to use this auto-complete data field for, please let us know and we will be glad to build this.


Quotation/Purchase Order Request and Draft Invoice templates are now available.


Changes have been made to the Deposits section on the Fees tab.  This has been changed to Remittances to allow you to record payments received against an issued invoice (rather than just a deposit to be applied to the next invoice – which is what it used to be).

Remittances received will also be listed in a table with the invoice numbers they’re applied against.  Remittances where you select “Apply to Next Invoice” will be automatically allocated to the next invoice you generate.


Immigo now offers Invoice Reports, which can be used to look at invoices raised (within a certain period) and payments received against those invoices.  These reports can help you analyse:

  • Which companies have outstanding debts;
  • How much consultants have billed in a given period;
  • How many credit notes have been raised for a particular client(s), for cases handled by a particular consultant(s) or in a particular period.


We have added a new permission level to client/user Immigo access allowing access to certain information only via Reports.  Effectively, this means clients and users with this access level can see certain applicant/case data only if it presents on a report the client has access to (including expiry dates kept on closed cases).

We hope you find these small upgrades useful!  And remember – if you ever need any help, with this or anything else in Immigo, please call or email us – we are always pleased to hear from you.


Why Can’t I See Applicant Names in the Immigo User Portal?

One of our clients contacted us today to ask why one of their clients, when using the Immigo User Portal, couldn’t see the Applicants’ names in the list of Active Cases (they could see the Cases and the Case details, but with no information about the actual Applicants).

The reason for this is that this particular client had permission to access the Cases but not the Applicants.

Immigo allows you to grant different levels of access to different users at a very granular level: you can make it so that your end users can see certain Cases only, or certain Applicants only; so that the can have Read access only or Read/Upload/Download access, and so on.

Also, Immigo won’t automatically update a User’s permissions (just in case!) – you need to go in and tell it to update if new data is added which you want your User to be able to see.

For this particular client, new Cases with new Applicants had been added after her User ID had been set up.  Her permissions had been updated for the Cases (so she could see those) but not for the Applicants (so she couldn’t see any Applicant data).  It was easily fixed by simply going into her User profile and clicking the “Update” button, which then updated her permissions to include ALL Cases she was linked to and ALL Applicants on those Cases.  Job done!