SAUDI ARABIA – New Residence Scheme Approved

The Saudi government has approved a new special residence scheme, similar to the green card systems used elsewhere, which aims to attract affluent and highly-skilled foreign nationals, and which will be implemented within the next five years.

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SAUDI ARABIA – New Residence Scheme Approved

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SWITZERLAND – End of Work Permit Quotas for Bulgarian and Romanian Nationals

Effective 1 June 2019, the safeguard clause imposing quotas on residence permits for nationals of Bulgaria and Romania (EU2) will no longer apply.

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PANAMA – Changes to Friendly Nations Work Permit

Effective 24 April 2019, the Ministry of Labour has introduced some changes to the work permit for nationals of so-called ‘friendly nations’ (paises amigos).

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PANAMA – Changes to Friendly Nations Work Permit

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BREXIT – UK and Ireland Sign Deal to Guarantee Common Travel Area Rights

On 8 May 2019, the governments of Ireland and of the United Kingdom signed a Memorandum of Understanding reaffirming the status, rights and privileges already enjoyed by British and Irish citizens in each others’ states under the Common Travel Area (CTA).

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PHILIPPINES – Changes in Rules for Special and Provisional Work Permits

On 22 April 2019, the Department of Labor (DOLE), Department of Justice (DOJ) and Bureau of Immigration (BI) released joint immigration guidelines, making some changes to the rules for the Special Work Permit (SWP) and Provisional Work Permit (PWP).

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ISRAEL and UNITED STATES – B-5 Investor Visa for US Nationals and E-2 Investor Visa for Israeli Nationals Now Available

Effective 1 May 2019, the Israeli consulates in Washington, New York, Houston, and San Francisco have begun accepting applications for the new B-5 Investor Visa for US citizens.

Meanwhile, the US Embassy in Israel has implemented the E-2 Investor Visa for Israeli nationals, also available from 1 May 2019 at the US Embassy branch office in Tel Aviv.

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