Immigo – New Features

We have some very exciting Immigo enhancements being launched this weekend:


In the Assignment Details tab of a case, the Occupation Code field now offers auto-complete and is a reportable field (in case reports).  We have pre-populated the Immigo database with occupational codes for Australia (ANZSCO) and the UK (SOC), so if you start to enter a code or an occupational description for case to one of those countries, you’ll see that the field auto-completes (see screenshot below).

If you have other countries you would like to use this auto-complete data field for, please let us know and we will be glad to build this.


Quotation/Purchase Order Request and Draft Invoice templates are now available.


Changes have been made to the Deposits section on the Fees tab.  This has been changed to Remittances to allow you to record payments received against an issued invoice (rather than just a deposit to be applied to the next invoice – which is what it used to be).

Remittances received will also be listed in a table with the invoice numbers they’re applied against.  Remittances where you select “Apply to Next Invoice” will be automatically allocated to the next invoice you generate.


Immigo now offers Invoice Reports, which can be used to look at invoices raised (within a certain period) and payments received against those invoices.  These reports can help you analyse:

  • Which companies have outstanding debts;
  • How much consultants have billed in a given period;
  • How many credit notes have been raised for a particular client(s), for cases handled by a particular consultant(s) or in a particular period.


We have added a new permission level to client/user Immigo access allowing access to certain information only via Reports.  Effectively, this means clients and users with this access level can see certain applicant/case data only if it presents on a report the client has access to (including expiry dates kept on closed cases).

We hope you find these small upgrades useful!  And remember – if you ever need any help, with this or anything else in Immigo, please call or email us – we are always pleased to hear from you.


IMMIGO – Browser Tabs Enhancement

Just a quick note to let you know about a small enhancement to Immigo.  We now show extra details in the browser tab.  For Cases, this means the Case number and Applicant name (so you can tell which of your browser tabs is which case).  Likewise, additional detail is shown on tabs for Companies, Fees, Suppliers, Reports and Questionnaires.

We hope you like this small change, and please feel free to tell us what you’d like to see next!

Major Immigo Update – Applicant Profile and Questionnaires

We are pleased to say that some major new features have just been launched in Immigo, as follows:

Immigration Docs Tab on Applicants Profiles

There’s a new tab on Applicant profiles called Immigration Docs, which means you can now store and see Issued Documents on the Applicant level (as well as Case level). This tab also has a Nationalities section for passport details (replacing the previous “Nationalities” tab on Applicants) and a new section for Immigration Statuses.

More About Issued Documents on Applicants

Issued Documents can now be stored in their own section in the new Immigration Docs tab on the Applicant profile.  Documents listed here can be linked to Cases (click the “shared box” on the right column of the Issued Document ID).  Additionally, issued documents obtained during a Case and listed on a Case can be shared to the Applicant profile.

Issued Documents can also now be versioned, so if you obtain a renewed residence permit or visa for someone, you can add that as a new version with a new expiry date (click Edit in the Version column), rather than creating a new issued document ID.

More About Immigration Statuses

  • You can list an Applicant’s immigration status in any country by clicking the “+New Status” button.  Select the person (principal applicant or dependent family member) and the country the status applies to, and choose the correct immigration status from the drop down menu.  You can tie a status to a particular Issued Document (e.g. a person may have an immigration status of “visitor” and this may be tied to an Issued Document “Visitor Visa”).
  • Use the “Max Stay Ends” field to indicate if an immigration status has an end date (i.e. maximum duration of stay including renewals – is there a date when the Applicant must either leave the country or change to a new immigration status?).
  • The Immigration Statuses also display in the Applicant library for quick reference, so you can easily see key dates.
  • Immigration Statuses feed through to the Timing tab of the Case so you can quickly see your deadlines (if processing a renewal or a change of status).

Supporting Documents on Applicants Profiles

The “Documents” tab on the Applicant profile is now called “Supporting Docs” to signpost where to keep things like CVs, degree certificates and marriage certificates (all supporting documents) and where to keep things like work permits, residence permits and visas (all immigration documents).

New Questionnaires

Immigo now enables you to send Questionnaires for gathering additional information on Cases, Applicants, and Companies, to ask clients to complete data such as travel history, resume, addresses and more directly via an online form.  You’ll notice tabs for these on the Case/Applicant/Company profiles and also in the Questionnaires section itself.

Uploading Files to a Questionnaire

Immigo now also makes it possible for you to upload files into a Questionnaire when submitting it.  Clients can upload copies of documents, previous travel visas and permits, and so on, via the online User Portal.

Have fun and as always, let us know your feedback!

Immigo Latest Feature Updates

We’re pleased to say we have a few new enhancements to Immigo which you will see today/tomorrow; as follows:

Less Easy to Delete Stuff By Mistake

  • You now can’t delete Applicants or Cases directly from the Applicant or Case “library”; only from the profile pages (i.e. you have to open the Applicant or Case first).
  • You can’t delete an Applicant if he or she has any Cases.

Changes to the Case Module for Easier User Interface and Reporting

  • Case Status is now on the Process tab
  • There is a new Case Status available of Closed Enquiry

Company Edits for Easier User Interface

  • Bills To on the Company profile has been moved to underneath “Is billing office”.

Notifications and Reports

  • Company Notifications (and Reports) now have an “is billing office” filter.
  • In Fee Reports you can report on Sending Company and Host Company
  • In Fee Reports you can filter and report on Case Tags
  • There are notification events on Cases for Credits Added and Invoice Generated.

As always, let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for further improvements!  We are always pleased to hear from you 🙂

Immigo – New Report Filter and Notification Triggers

We’ve just added some extra capabilities to Immigo’s notifications and reports features.


There are now two new events which can trigger notifications in Immigo:

  • Deposit Added – A case notification can now be triggered when a deposit is added to the fees section on a case.  This means, for example, that the accounting administrator in a firm can automatically notify consultants on a case that the deposit has been received and work can commence;
  • New Company Created – a company notification can now be triggered when a consultant adds a new client company to the system.  This might be handy, for example, if managers would like to review and quality control new company data added to Immigo.


You can now filter reports by multiple consultants, rather than just by a single consultant at a time.  You might want to use this if reviewing caseload for a team of your consultants rather than an individual, or for a particular attorney/paralegal combination.

We hope you find these small upgrades useful!  And remember – if you ever need any help, with this or anything else in Immigo, please call or email us – we are always pleased to hear from you.


Immigo – Major Invoicing Upgrade

The upgrade consists of five major new features:

  1. Request and track advance payments or deposits for work you do
  2. Generate and store credit notes
  3. Store invoices within Immigo
  4. Customise your invoice template
  5. Data feed into your accounting software

More details below!

Request and Track Advance Payments/Deposits

You can now indicate on the Company level which of your clients you expect to make an advance payment/deposit, and what percentage of your fees that deposit should be. Then, using the Preview Invoice function in a Case, generate a preview or pro-forma invoice which will request the percentage deposit indicated.

Once a deposit has been received, you can enter this into Immigo, which will record it. When you then generate your invoice, the deposit received in advance will be deducted from the balance due on the invoice. Simple!

Generate and Store Credit Notes

As well as preview invoices and invoices, you can now also generate credit notes. You can credit back any fee or any portion of any fee that you have invoiced. Check out the User Manual for more detailed instructions; but we think you’ll find the interface intuitive and easy to use.

Store Invoices within Immigo

From now on, all preview invoices, invoices and credit notes (see above) you generate are stored in Immigo, as Excel files and as PDFs. You can access these either from the Case on which they were generated or from the new Invoices tab on the billing Company profile.

Customise your Invoice Template

We will be glad to customise either the Excel or PDF templates on preview invoices, invoices and credit notes for you.

We can add your logo, address and banking details, of course, but we can also make the PDFs look just how you want them to.

If you want a specific data field to appear as a billing reference, that’s no problem! Or, say, you’d like your legal fees to appear in their own section above any government fees or miscellaneous costs – we can do that too. We can also make sure that the invoice numbers meet your needs – invoice numbers will always increase in increments of 1, to meet auditing requirements, but you can set the starting point and any prefix or suffix to be whatever you like.

Contact us to discuss the options available.

Data Feed into your Accounting Software

Immigo now provides a comprehensive invoicing and tracking solution but it will never be accounting software – you won’t be able to use it to generate your annual tax returns or P&L report, for example.

However, we do have an API (data feed) and will gladly talk with you about the possibilities of integration with your financial software.

More Updates

There are several more new features with invoicing – including:

  • Optionally remove fees from your invoices (but keep them in Immigo) so you can keep track of costs without necessarily passing them on to your client
  • Enhanced invoice summary in the fees tab of every Case, showing totals invoiced and credited
  • Link fees to more than one process in the fees library for greater flexibility
  • New fee type!  Surcharge fees self-calculate as a percentage of all other fees and can be used for disbursements such as credit card handling fees.

Training Webinar – & Call us if Questions!

We’re hosting a training webinar for this new feature on Thursday 10 March at 13.30GMT. If you’d like to join, please email to reserve your space.

And, as always, we will be very happy to help with any questions at any time. Please let us know what you think!

Immigo Feature Update – More Invoicing Enhancements

Hello again everyone!

We’ve added a couple more improvements to invoicing, which we think you’ll all find useful, as follows:

Power Selector for Fee Status
As our users know, you can give each fee line item in Immigo its own status (for example: new, quotation sent, quotation approved, ready to invoice, invoiced).  You can indicate fee by fee what the status is but we’ve now made it easier to change the status of all fees at once (for example, to mark everything on a case “ready to invoice” in one go). When you click edit on the fees tab of the case, you’ll see a new power selector drop down menu called “set status of all fees below”.  Use this to change the status of all your fees at once.  Job done!  Don’t forget that you can also set up automatic notifications to your accounting department (or whoever raises your invoices) for when a fee or fees are marked as “ready to invoice”.

Quantity Multiplier
You can also now multiply your fee items if you’ve got more than one of the same fee – for example, if you need to bill your client for 3x DHL charges; or if you have the same management fee for several family members.  Simply use the new quantity field on the fee item to indicate how many times this fee should be charged, and Immigo will do the rest.

For more fee and invoicing tips and tricks, see previous blog posts here or use the search bar on this blog to search for “Immigo Fees”.  And call us, whenever you like!  We’re always pleased to hear from you.