IMMIGO UPDATE – Document Versioning

We are happy to announce that we have made a small enhancement to Immigo.

Document Versioning is now available on documents in the Relationship tabs for both Companies and Suppliers in Immigo (previously it was available only on Applicant and Company Supporting Documents).

Examples of documents we may have in the Relationship tab of the Company or Supplier for which Document Versioning would be useful are:

  • Supplier or client fee schedules which are reviewed annually
  • Contracts that need to be renewed periodically
  • Review documents or data for either a client account review or a supplier performance review

(Tip: Use the Notifications feature to set a Task notification for when these documents need to be reviewed)

Here’s how to use Document Versioning.  It works exactly the same way on the Relationship tab as it does for Applicant and Company Supporting Documents, so you should be familiar with it already, but as a reminder:

  1. Go to the Relationship tab of the Company or Supplier and click “Edit” in the version column;
  2. Once you’ve clicked edit, a new window will appear showing you all previous versions of the document and allowing you to “create new version”;
  3. Click “Create New Version” and a new document ID will appear; you can edit the name, description, date received and expiry date and can upload a new file;
  4. Clicking “Back to Company” or “Back to Supplier” (or, on the Applicant tab, “Back to Applicant”) will take you back to the Company (or Supplier or Applicant) profile where you will see your document with the most recent version showing as available to click on to download.
  5. To look at previous versions, just go back to Step 1 – click Edit in the Version column.

Have fun and let us know if you have questions!