We are happy to advise the introduction of Rate Cards to Immigo!

Rate Cards allow you to create and edit a group of professional fees that can be linked to multiple billing companies, with the additional ability to apply discounts or increases on a per-company basis.

To use Rate Cards, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Fees section and click “Edit Rate Cards”;
  2. Within the Edit Rate Card screen, click “+New Rate Card” in the top right corner;
  3. Give your new Rate Card a name and a description. This is for internal use. (e.g. “Rate Card A, for high volume clients”, or “Standard Rate Card 2017”);
  4. Now go to the Fees section and identify or create the specific fee line items you wish to add to your Rate Card;
  5. Open each Fee item and in the Rate Card drop down menu, select the Rate Card you wish that Fee to be associated with;
  6. Now, go to the Companies section and identify or create the specific billing Companies you wish to be on that Rate Card plan;
  7. Open each Billing Company and, in the Fees tab, select the Rate Card you wish to apply to that Company;
  8. Note that you can also apply a multiplier – either a discount or an increase – per Billing Company.  For example, entering 0.9 in the multiplier field will result in the Rate Card fees for this Company being discounted by 10% (= x0.9);
  9. Fees listed on the Rate Card will now be available to select on Cases billing to that Company.

We hope you find this upgrade useful!  And remember, if you ever need any help, with this or anything else in Immigo, please call or email us – please keep the ideas and feedback coming!