Latest Immigration News

Catch up on our latest immigration alerts from around the world:

JAPAN – Relaxation of Visa Requirements for Chinese Nationals

AZERBAIJAN – New Rules for Payment of Work and Residence Permit Fees

CANADA – Government Eliminates Conditional Permanent Residence for Certain Spouses and Revises Age Threshold for Dependents

TAIWAN – Upcoming Relaxation of Visa Rules for Nationals of Southeast and South Asian Countries

ANGOLA – Amendments to Rules on Hiring of Foreign Employees

PORTUGAL – All Travellers Subject to Border Control 10-14 May 2017 Due to Pope’s Visit

JAPAN – Relaxation of Visa Requirements for Nationals of Five Central Asian Countries

AUSTRALIA – New Foreign Worker Levy and Increased Visa Application Charges

COSTA RICA – New Expedited ID Card Process for Registered Companies

SWITZERLAND – Government Invokes “Safeguard Clause” to Impose Quota on Residence Permits for Bulgarian and Romanian Nationals