IMMIGURU – New Contract Location Filter

We are excited to announce that we have today released a new feature to Immiguru: the Contract Location Filter.

What is it?

When you next login to Immiguru, you’ll see on the home page that you can now, optionally, specify whether the applicant’s employment contract is in the host country or outside the host country.  Immiguru will then filter down your results accordingly.

We’ve additionally included this filter in Immiguru Reports, so you can now run a report giving you only the processes which allow the contract to stay outside the host country, for example.

How does it work?

The contract location filter works in exactly the same way as the salary location filter – if you leave the default option “Any location” selected, Immiguru will show you all options.  If you select “Host country or “Outside host country”, Immiguru will narrow down your results so that only relevant processes are displayed.

For example:

  • You indicate that you have a U.S. national employee moving to France but remaining on contract in the U.S.: Immiguru will suggest the Foreign Service Provider (Detachés (hors mobilité intragroupe)) processes, as well as two processes where the contract location can be anywhere, the Salarié en Mission (over 90 days) and the Short Term Assignment (under 90 days).
  • You say that your U.S. national must be on a local contract in France: Immiguru will instead display the local hire options (Travailleurs TemporariesSalariés and Carte Bleue Europeénne), as well as the two processes where the contract location can be anywhere.

We’ve now got so much data in Immiguru (more than 1300 processes to 102 countries) that we think this filter will be really useful to narrow down your search results and help you find what you’re looking for as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Have fun with the new feature and, as always, please let us know what you think!