Immigo Latest Feature Updates

We’re pleased to say we have a few new enhancements to Immigo which you will see today/tomorrow; as follows:

Less Easy to Delete Stuff By Mistake

  • You now can’t delete Applicants or Cases directly from the Applicant or Case “library”; only from the profile pages (i.e. you have to open the Applicant or Case first).
  • You can’t delete an Applicant if he or she has any Cases.

Changes to the Case Module for Easier User Interface and Reporting

  • Case Status is now on the Process tab
  • There is a new Case Status available of Closed Enquiry

Company Edits for Easier User Interface

  • Bills To on the Company profile has been moved to underneath “Is billing office”.

Notifications and Reports

  • Company Notifications (and Reports) now have an “is billing office” filter.
  • In Fee Reports you can report on Sending Company and Host Company
  • In Fee Reports you can filter and report on Case Tags
  • There are notification events on Cases for Credits Added and Invoice Generated.

As always, let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for further improvements!  We are always pleased to hear from you 🙂