SRI LANKA – New Country Data and New Partner – Tiruchelvam Associates

We are delighted to announce Tiruchelvam Associates as our latest partner for Immiguru.  Tiruchelvam has helped us to add the Residence Permit (Employment) to Sri Lanka (a new country for the Immiguru database).

Tiruchelvam Associates is one of Sri Lanka’s foremost law firms and provides a broad spectrum of services which range from a corporate and commercial practice, to immigration services, intellectual property, real estate conveyancing, litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

The Residence Visa (Employment) is the standard route for foreign nationals working in Sri Lanka, either on assignment while remaining on home contract, or hired locally in Sri Lanka. The exact process can vary depending on the Ministry responsible for the industrial sector in which the Sri Lankan sponsor company is engaged.

We hope you find the Sri Lanka data useful!  Please join us in welcoming Tiruchelvam to our network.