New Data in Immiguru: Philippines – Work Permit Exempt Occupations

We’re very pleased to announce that the 9(g) Pre-arranged Employment Visa (Commercial) for Work Permit Exempt Occupations and Special Non-Immigrant 47(a)(2) Visa for Work Permit Exempt Occupations were added to Immiguru this week.

These processes are for positions which are now exempt (officially “excluded”) from the Alien Employment Permit and where the applicant remains on home contract i.e. Company Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers and non-executive board members; consultants who are not employed in the Philippines; intra-company transferees and contractual service providers who are executives, managers or specialists and who have been employed by the foreign service supplier for at least one year.

Qualifying applicants are not required to obtain an Alien Employment Permit.

Many thanks to our partner in Philippines, Follosco, Morallos & Herce for their help with this!

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