Immigo Feature Update – More Invoicing Enhancements

Hello again everyone!

We’ve added a couple more improvements to invoicing, which we think you’ll all find useful, as follows:

Power Selector for Fee Status
As our users know, you can give each fee line item in Immigo its own status (for example: new, quotation sent, quotation approved, ready to invoice, invoiced).  You can indicate fee by fee what the status is but we’ve now made it easier to change the status of all fees at once (for example, to mark everything on a case “ready to invoice” in one go). When you click edit on the fees tab of the case, you’ll see a new power selector drop down menu called “set status of all fees below”.  Use this to change the status of all your fees at once.  Job done!  Don’t forget that you can also set up automatic notifications to your accounting department (or whoever raises your invoices) for when a fee or fees are marked as “ready to invoice”.

Quantity Multiplier
You can also now multiply your fee items if you’ve got more than one of the same fee – for example, if you need to bill your client for 3x DHL charges; or if you have the same management fee for several family members.  Simply use the new quantity field on the fee item to indicate how many times this fee should be charged, and Immigo will do the rest.

For more fee and invoicing tips and tricks, see previous blog posts here or use the search bar on this blog to search for “Immigo Fees”.  And call us, whenever you like!  We’re always pleased to hear from you.