New Data in Immiguru: Portugal – Temporary Stay Visa (Highly Skilled Activities) and Van der Elst (Assignment From Within the EEA)

We’re very pleased to announce that two new immigration processes for Portugal have been added to Immiguru this week: The Temporary Stay Visa (Highly Skilled Activities) and the Van der Elst (Assignment From Within the EEA).

The temporary stay visa is intended to allow the holder to carry out a highly qualified activity, temporary or scientific research activity in a scientific research centre or teaching activities in a higher education institution.

The Van der Elst process allows a non-EEA (European Economic Area) national employee of a service provider in an EEA country to be sent to Portugal on short term assignment as a “posted worker”  without a work permit.

Many thanks to our partner in Portugal, CC Advogados for their help with this!

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