Immiguru New Feature – Duration Filter

We are very excited to announce that we have today released a major new feature to Immiguru: the Duration Filter.

When you next login to Immiguru, you’ll see on the home page that you can now, optionally, specify how long your assignee/employee will be working in the host country.  Immiguru will then filter down your results accordingly.

Short term assignments and extended business travel have long been a “hot topic” in immigration.  Many of our clients need to be able to quickly and efficiently access information on the availability of specific short term routes, and this duration filter, coupled with our drive over the last few months to add dozens more short term routes into Immiguru (see previous blog posts) should really help.

Here’s how it works

The duration filter works in exactly the same way as the salary location filter, the annual salary amount filter and the dependent filter – if you leave the duration of stay field blank, Immiguru will show you all options.  If you complete it (indicating assignment/employment duration in days, months or years), Immiguru will narrow down your results so that only relevant options are displayed.

For example:

  • You indicate that you have a U.S. national moving to France for 2 months: Immiguru will tell you all about short term assignments and the short term foreign service provider routes.
  • You say that your U.S. national will be in France for 10 months: Immiguru will not display those short term routes (since they wouldn’t be appropriate) and will instead let you know about temporary local hires (Travailleurs Temporaires), service provider routes and the Salarié en Mission.
  • You say that your U.S. national will be in France for over a year: Immiguru will also give you details of the Blue Card and the local hire (salarié) routes.

We’ve now got so much data in Immiguru that we think this filter will be really useful to narrow down your search results and help you find what you’re looking for as quickly and efficiently as possible.

And one more thing: we’ve additionally included these duration recommendations in Immiguru Reports, so you can now run a report giving you maximum duration of stay guidelines for each country.

Have fun with the new feature!  As always, please let us know what you think!