Immigo Feature Update – Automatic Emails on Key Milestones

Lots of people have been asking us about sending out automatic emails to specific client contacts on key milestones in a Case.  We’re pleased to say that we’ve introduced a new feature that makes this really easy, using Notifications and Questionnaires.

In this post, we’ll explain exactly how to set this up.

First, make your Notification Factory.  This Notification Factory will contain the text and the triggers for your automatic email messages

You should use these specifications:

  • In Details, give your factory a name (e.g. “Key Milestones for ABC Co, from Online Initiations”) Make your factory “Apply to None except via Questionnaires”.
  • In the Filters tab, set filters, if you want the notifications to only apply to some cases (you will probably want to leave these blank).
  • In the Notifications tab, add as many event-triggered Notifications as you need. For example, you might want to choose “Case Initiated” to trigger a welcome message; or “Application Submitted” to keep people updated on that key milestone.  We have lots of Events available, but let us know if you need more.
  • If you want the message to go to the Applicant, select “The applicant on this case” in the To list. You can also select “Users from Questionnaire” here, which will mean that your Notification will go to whomever your client specifies in their online initiation questionnaire.
  • Select Email Options = Full text if you want the message to go to an external email address.
  • Write your standard message in the text box, using Variables to add details such as Applicant Name, Host Country, Company Name, etc.

Next, you need to add the question about who needs to be kept updated to your Online Initiation Questionnaire.

  1. In the relevant Online Initiation Questionnaire (you may have a client specific one), include a question with destination “Case Notification”. You can make the question text anything you like (e.g. “Who should be kept updated?” Or, perhaps, if you know that the client always wants someone with a particular role to be updated, “Who is the Mobility Manager for this case?”).
  2. Once you’ve created the question, you can then edit it to allow the respondent to pick from a list of specific contacts (note that the list of available contacts will be determined by the company/companies available in any questions about home/host or billing companies. If you haven’t set those company questions yet, go and do that first, and then come back to this)
  3. And that’s it! You’re all set.  Once your client selects the recipient on their Online Initiation Questionnaire, that person will be automatically included in the Notifications as determined by the Notification Factory for the Case.  You can go in and edit the specific notifications in the Case if you like – change the text; delete them – whatever you want (it won’t affect the Notification Factory for future Cases).

We think this new feature will come in really handy – and, like everything else in Immigo, it’s very configurable.  You can try out having different notifications for cases you’re handling for specific clients, specific countries, and so on.

Have fun, and let us know how you get on!