Immigo New Feature – Questionnaires Are Here!

We are very excited to announce that we have today released a major new feature to Immigo: Questionnaires.

The Questionnaires module in Immigo allows your clients to send you data about immigration cases via an online form.  There will be several different types of Questionnaire available; but for now, we are launching the feature with the Questionnaire most people ask us about: the Online Case Initiation Questionnaire for existing clients.

The Online Case Initiation Questionnaire allows your clients to submit a new Case initiation request to you via an online form.  You can review and edit this data before “committing” it to Immigo.  Committing the data will result in the creation of a new Case and, if applicable, a new Applicant profile also.

This has obvious benefits – it saves time for you from the get go, because the Case and Applicant are created automatically, but it will also get your clients used to using Immigo which should have a positive impact on their comfort levels in using it to share documents and check case status also – double time save!

We’ve started you off with a few default template Questionnaires for new cases, renewals, enquiries, business visas and legalisations. You’re welcome to edit, modify or delete these templates in your account, or use them as templates for your own Questionnaires, and you can also build your own Questionnaires from scratch if you prefer.  You can make your Questionnaires company specific, country specific or even immigration process specific, and you can ask absolutely whatever questions you like.

We’ve made the user interface nice and easy to use but as always, we will be very happy to help with any questions and to help you get started with this awesome new feature!  Please let us know what you think!