Immigo – New Internal Document Field and Expiry Dates on Supporting Documents

We’re very pleased to announce some new improvements to document storage, tracking and upkeep in Immigo – these latest additions should make life even easier for Immigo users 🙂

Internal Documents

Firstly, our clients have been asking us for an area to save documents related to a Case but not specifically needed for the actual immigration submission – for example, internal authorisation forms, a scan copy of scribbled down notes from a meeting – that kind of thing.  So:

  • You can now save internal documents for a Case in the Notes tab.  Documents saved here will remain private for you and your team and will not be visible to any Users to whom you’ve given online access for a Case.  Supporting documents for the actual immigration application should still be saved in the Documents tab, and documents generated as a result of the immigration application (e.g. a work permit or a visa) should still be saved in the Issued Documents tab.

Track Supporting Document Expiry

And another thing!  One of the trickiest balancing acts in an immigration application is making sure all the supporting documents for an application are in good order and, crucially, in date.  It’s often the case that an item such as a medical certificate or a police clearance certificate needs to be submitted in support, but must have been issued no more than, for example, 90 days prior to the work permit application.  Company documents can also get past their “best before” date – tax certificates issued within the most recent 12 month period, for example, may be required.  So – to help with this:

  • You can now set expiry dates on internal and supporting documents as well as on Issued Documents.  So, if you’re using a medical certificate to support an application, and that medical must be used within 90 days of issuance, you can set that 90 day expiry date on the medical certificate document and can set a Notification (either on that specific Case or on internal documents for ALL Cases) to remind you in advance of the document expiry.

Have fun with the new features!  And remember – if you ever need any help, with this or anything else in Immigo, please call or email us – we are always pleased to hear from you.