Immigo – Drag and Drop, and other Document Upload Tips

Lots of our clients ask us for the best and quickest way of uploading files into Immigo document lists, and actually, we do have a few tips to share, so we thought we’d dedicate a little blog post to this.

Firstly, when creating your document list in Immigo, don’t forget that if you have an Immiguru account too, you can simply import a ready made and process specific document list straight into your Case – you’ll have all the documents you need listed there straight away.

You can also create your own documents to add to the list, and of course you can delete documents from the list too.

When adding a new document to the list, you can choose to upload a file at the time of creating the document ID, or, just save the document ID and upload the file later.  This latter method might be a quicker way of doing things if you’re planning on uploading a few files to different documents in your list, because you’ll only need to save the page once you’ve got all the files you need in the right place.

To upload a file, you can click where indicated to select it from your hard drive, or just drag and drop a file directly into the upload box by the document ID.  Note: dragging and dropping works fine in Chrome, Safari and Firefox, but may not work in Internet Explorer or other browsers.