Immigo New Feature – Template Cases Are Here!

Template Cases are now live in Immigo!  This is a feature lots of people have asked us for so we’re delighted that it is now ready.  Basically, if you often handle Case process types that aren’t available in Immiguru, you can build your own Template Cases so you don’t have to build process steps, timing and document lists each time.

There’s detailed information in the Immigo User Manual about how Template Cases work, but in essence, you can then build a template exactly how you want it to be – adding process steps, timing, documents – even home/host company, suppliers and fees.

You don’t have to select an Applicant or a Company on a Template Case; these can be left blank.  Basically, you can complete as much or as little information on the Template as you like.  If you do specify home or host country, and/or home/host/billing Companies, the Template you create will only be available to use for new Cases that match those details.

Once you’ve got a Template, you can open new Cases and copy all the Template details across – so all those process steps, document lists and timing you’ve created will be imported into your new Case.

You can also use Templates to make Templates.  So, if you handle many Case types that are somewhat similar but that have variations (for example, business visas for China which may be from various home countries and so which have slightly different consular requirements), you can use your first “Chinese Business Visa” Template to make multiple, varied Chinese business visa templates for assignees coming from various different home locations.

Happy Templating!