Immigo New Feature – Allowance Calculator and Reporting

Another week, another new update for Immigo 🙂

Today, we’re pleased to let everyone know that we have improved the functionality in Immigo for tracking and reporting on Allowances.

You can now add much more detail about Allowances to the Assignment Details tab, including Allowances in multiple currencies and if an Allowance is gross or net. You can ask Immigo to automatically calculate the Allowance as a percentage of the gross annual salary.  Allowances will be listed in tabular format and will add up to create total (gross and net) amounts also shown in the table.

Not only that, but every time you create a new Allowance name in a Case, Immigo will remember its name (e.g. “COLA”), so that when you add an Allowance to a new Case, you only have to start typing the first letter of the existing Allowance name (e.g. “C…”) for Immigo to remember and suggest the Allowance name you want.  This will result in greater efficiency and, importantly, greater accuracy for tracking and reporting on Allowances.

About those Reports: also, every time you create a new Allowance name, this will become a reportable field, so you can now run Reports on every applicant’s salary and allowances with great granularity, breaking down Allowances into their component parts with ease.

As always, we are glad to offer all our clients unlimited free training on this new update!