New Data in Immiguru: Bolivia – Short-Term Authorisation (Permanencia Transitoria)

We’re very pleased to announce that the new Short-Term Authorisation (Permanencia Transitory) process to Bolivia was added to Immiguru this month.

Effective January 2015, the Bolivian General Immigration Department (DIGEMIG) has implemented major changes to immigration and work authorisation procedures, as we reported in our alert of 2 March 2015.

There are now three standard immigration routes which allow for work in Bolivia: A short-term consular visa, a short-term post-arrival work authorisation and a post-arrival three-year temporary residence route.  There are still separate routes for Argentinians and MERCOSUR nationals.

The new short-term authorisation (permanencia transitoria) replaces the old post-arrival short-term visa.  Short-term authorisation can be obtained after entering Bolivia as a tourist, or on a short-term visa (visa objeto determinado). The short-term authorisation can also give also access to temporary residence in Bolivia.

Many thanks to our partners in Bolivia, Ferrere Bolivia, for their help with this!

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