Immigo New Feature – Shared Documents

We’re excited to announce the latest major update to Immigo – shared documents.  This new update means that you can save documents to an Applicant or Company profile as well as to the Case.  Once a document has been linked to the Applicant or Company, it can be used for multiple Cases.  Not only that, but if you’re using Immiguru document lists, Immigo will also remember which documents belong to which Company and will automatically link them in to future Cases, if relevant.  Plus, the new feature includes a versioning system for both corporate and personal documents, so that you can keep clean, accurate and organised records more easily.

So, for example, if you open a case for ABC Ireland, and you need a copy of their P30 tax return for that Case, you can link it in from the ABC Ireland company profile.  Then, if you or another consultant opens another case for ABC Ireland next week, and you import the document list from Immiguru, Immigo will know to automatically pull in the copy you already have of this.   If ABC Ireland then gets a new P30 tax certificate, you can update the document record so that it has a second version of the P30 for new Cases (but maintain the original version for any Cases to which it was relevant).

Along with this update, we’ve also added a “Notes” tab to the profiles for Company, Applicant and Supplier (previously only available on Cases) and we’ve added Relationship tabs to Company and Supplier, where you can keep notes about your relationship with that entity and also upload documents relevant to that relationship (e.g. contracts, SLAs, etc).

There are a few quite nice little features with this latest update; the Immigo User Manual has been updated and we also have now added the User Manual to Immigo so that you can download the latest version of it when you login.

As always, we are glad to offer all our clients unlimited free training on this new update – we are looking forward to hearing from you!