Van der Elst Webinar – Access our Slides and Notes Here

We were delighted to welcome more than 50 participants to our webinar yesterday on the Van der Elst ruling and how this interesting little immigration route is implemented (or isn’t!) in practice across Europe.  We also looked at the impact of the recent Essent Energie ruling from the European Court of Justice and the impact this is likely to have on companies sending service providers to the Netherlands and, potentially, within the wider EU.

Huge thanks to all our attendees (and thanks for all the positive feedback so far!)  and our speakers: Bernard Caris from Praetica in Belgium, Fiona Mougenot from Expat Partners in France, Claire Jacobs from Corporate Care in Ireland, Marco Mazzeschi from Mazzeschi in Italy, Mounia Jrabi from Sagardoy Abogados in Spain, Friederike Ruch from Convinus in Switzerland and Arend Van Rosmalen from Mynta Law in the Netherlands.

Our speakers certainly all had lots to say – it was a real challenge to keep to time – and we know that they’re all happy to answer more questions!

Our slides and notes from the Q&A are posted here for you; please let us know if you’d like to discuss this interesting topic some more!

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