Why Can’t I See Applicant Names in the Immigo User Portal?

One of our clients contacted us today to ask why one of their clients, when using the Immigo User Portal, couldn’t see the Applicants’ names in the list of Active Cases (they could see the Cases and the Case details, but with no information about the actual Applicants).

The reason for this is that this particular client had permission to access the Cases but not the Applicants.

Immigo allows you to grant different levels of access to different users at a very granular level: you can make it so that your end users can see certain Cases only, or certain Applicants only; so that the can have Read access only or Read/Upload/Download access, and so on.

Also, Immigo won’t automatically update a User’s permissions (just in case!) – you need to go in and tell it to update if new data is added which you want your User to be able to see.

For this particular client, new Cases with new Applicants had been added after her User ID had been set up.  Her permissions had been updated for the Cases (so she could see those) but not for the Applicants (so she couldn’t see any Applicant data).  It was easily fixed by simply going into her User profile and clicking the “Update” button, which then updated her permissions to include ALL Cases she was linked to and ALL Applicants on those Cases.  Job done!